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Hiring an Elder Law Attorney

With an aging population in the United States, elder law is becoming a recognized and specialized area of law. An elder law attorney focuses his or her practice on issues that effect the elderly population.

Interference with an Agreement to Marry

Depending upon the state, interfering with an agreement to marry may be a civil offense or a tort. However, the majority of states do not recognize a claim for interfering with an agreement to marry. Although most states recognize the claim of tortious interference with a business relation or with a general contract, states are more reluctant to permit a claim for liability with respect to a premarital setting.

Juveniles and Institutional Facilities

A juvenile may be held in a number of different facilities depending upon the particular issue or problem that the juvenile may have. For example, the juvenile may be arrested for assault and battery and may be held in a juvenile detention facility. Or the juvenile may have battered another individual and following a psychiatric examination, it was concluded that the juvenile was mentally unstable, the juvenile may be confined to a mental institution.

Overview of a Putative Father

A putative father is an alleged father or a father out of wedlock. The putative father typically claims that he is the biological father of the child even though the mother failed to recognize his identity on the child’s birth certificate.

School Discipline and Remedies

If it is established that a student was improperly subjected to school discipline there are various types of actions that the student may take.

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