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Juveniles and Institutional Facilities

A juvenile may be held in a number of different facilities depending upon the particular issue or problem that the juvenile may have. For example, the juvenile may be arrested for assault and battery and may be held in a juvenile detention facility. The juvenile may have battered another individual, and if following a psychiatric examination it was concluded that the juvenile was mentally unstable, the juvenile may be confined to a mental institution.

Juvenile Detention Facilities and Correctional Facilities

Depending upon the severity of the offense charged and the age of the juvenile, the juvenile may be sentenced to confinement in a juvenile detention facility or a correctional facility. Prior to the adjudication of the juvenile, the juvenile will typically be confined to an adult jail cell or a juvenile detention facility. A juvenile detention facility is a locked facility used for a limited term prior to the adjudication. Counties usually run juvenile detention centers. The juvenile may also be confined to a lockup. A lockup is a short-term holding facility for one accused of a crime. Local police departments typically run lockups.

If it is determined by the trial court that the juvenile should be charged as an adult and if the juvenile is convicted, the juvenile will most likely be confined to a correctional facility or some type of adult prison. However, if it is determined that the juvenile be tried as a juvenile, if convicted he may be sentenced to a juvenile detention facility. Juvenile detention facilities are designed for children. They typically have staff members who are trained for working with juveniles in custody.

There are also facilities known as state training schools. These are locked institutions used for long-term confinement of juveniles. State governments usually administer state training schools. State training schools usually have some specially trained staff, recreational activities, exercise, and educational activities.

Mental Facilities

If the juvenile suffers from a mental, emotional and other behavioral disorder he may be confined to a mental facility or a psychiatric hospital. The mental facility or psychiatric hospital is typically a locked facility operated by the state. Psychiatric hospitals generally have trained psychiatric or other professional staffs. Both mental facilities and psychiatric hospitals offer treatment programs.

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